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Precast Piles

Precast Piles

Precast Piles



The piles are driven with modern, free-fall equipment, using a hammer of between 5 and 9 tons raised either by a simple cable system, or the most advanced high performance hydraulic drive methods. This equipment is completely autonomous (requiring no auxiliary components) and mounted on crawler-cranes for easy movement.

Precast square elements are joint together with special keys (ABB seal) designed by Terratest technical department. The ABB seal is the element allowing the union of different pile sections, to reach the necessary depth. These seals are made with high-quality materials, and calculated to bear greater stresses even that the pile’s standard section, as demonstrated in bending, compression and traction trials.


Precast piles Applications

Precast piles are especially used for their low cost, and are recommendable for sites in remote areas and for foundations where high vertical loads are applied.

Precast prestressed piles Applications

Because of the initial prestress force, TERRA’s precast prestressed piles are particularly indicated for the absorption of tensile and bending stresses (due to horizontal thrust), resulting in foundations which are more economical than other designs.

The following may be highlighted, among other applications:

- Structures (bridges and viaducts).
- Tall buildings or those situated in earthquake zones.
- Structures and buildings where the ground floor or basement levels are below the water table.
- Retaining walls, basements, etc.
- Industrial buildings with significant horizontal or bending stresses.


Precast Piles
Combined Cycle Power Plant at
Barcelona Sea Port (Spain)
Precast Piles

The foundation works for the new Combined Cycle Power Plant at Barcelona Port (Spain) were executed using TERRA precast piles, during the period February 2.008 – January 2.009.

Precast Piles
Structures E-4.1, E-5.1, E-7 Y E-8.1
Castellbisbal/Mollet junction, Mollet (Barcelona)
Precast Piles

Between February and November 2009, the foundation was made in three piling operations by means of Terra precast piles in structures E-4.1, E-5.1, E-5.3.1, E-7 y E-8.1 of the branch line, Castellbisbal/Mollet, Mollet junction in Castellbisbal (Barcelona).

Precast Piles
Tunu and Ogotobo Crude Oil Separation Stations
Precast Piles

Between the months of January 2014 and June 2014, the precast pile foundation of the Tunu and Ogotobo crude oil separation stations was carried out. Those sites are located at the Bayelsa State in Nigeria.